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Welcome to Sinhá Capoeira!

We are a Boston Based International full-time Capoeira school led by its founder and artistic director Mestre Chuvisquinho a capoeirista with 40+ years of experience in his career. We are a School dedicated to the growth and development of the Afro-Brazilian Martial Art of Capoeira. Offering classes to children, teens and adults in Boston since 2006
Our Kids Capoeira Program offers kids a chance to explore a vibrant and exciting art form that combines physical exercise with creativity and self-expression.An excellent opportunity for children of all ages to experience Brazilian culture while learning a unique blend of martial art, dance, and music.
Sinhá Capoeira adult program will push yourself to a total new physical, mental, and spiritual heights. Capoeira offers not only physical strength and health benefits, but also the freedom of expression, peace of mind, and a chance to make lifelong friendships. Explore and expand your cultural knowledge while becoming part of a diverse community.
Looking to bring the vibrant and electrifying culture of Brazil to your institution? Look no further than our Capoeira shows,lecture and interactive workshop! Our highly talented Capoeiristas will leave your audience in awe with their sensational skills and captivating performance. Contact us now to immerse yourself in the excitement and energy of Brazil!


About Sinhá Capoeira

We believe that Capoeira is a platform of freedom and expression.  Therefore we always try to evolve Capoeira in its plenitude.  Also without focusing our work in radically changing our own style and having Capoeira Regional as our main reference, we are constantly trying to keep up with its daily evolution.

We train Capoeira as a social form to keep its valuable culture of Brazil and expressive image strongly present.   We focus on learning the martial art, music, acrobatics, artistic aspects just like those who practice Capoeira around the  world.

Capoeira is not just known for being a healthy activity or a form of physical exercise, but also for teaching and having a mental and spiritual benefit; being that Capoeira teaches its students the elements needed for one search his or hers own freedom, and if allowed by the students over its body and soul.

We base our work in the deep mentality of ‘Preservation’ while seeking a vision of one day being like Capoeira, without illusion, with our pleasures and obstacles that are to overcome; we search for a physical and mental evolution.

Capoeira for Kids and Adults

About Our Capoeira Classes In Boston

Capoeira is an explosive high intensity workout, where you will learn to move with power and grace, have fun, and get into amazing shape fast. This unique class is designed to work the entire body; consisting of strength moves that emphasizes coordination, balance, and flexibility.   It is a high endurance workout with intervals of various intensities that will challenge you.  Capoeira is sometimes referred to as “Flashdance” workout as it will not only get you “fighting fit” but you will have a great time doing it.

Classes are based on traditional sequences and modern progression, which we practice while listening to traditional, sensational, and energetic Capoeira music (featuring berimbau, atabaque and pandeiro).  Each class begins with movement games to warm-up, where specific exercises prepare one for training.  During class there is partner and line-work, where the moves flow from one position to another and also where techniques are developed.  We finish class with traditional ‘Capoeira roda’, displaying intuitive movements, building confidence and practice playing Capoeira music.

Capoeira with Mestre Chuvisquinho is fun, truly a physical challenge and an effective fitness class experience.  This unique class combines the Brazilian art of Capoeira with fitness science to deliver an unbelievable full body workout; where the elegance of dance, the power of martial arts and the rhythms and Brazilian music is displayed. You will love it!

What Our Parents Have To Say

“”Capoeira has quickly become an important part of our family. Capoeira music plays as we get ready for dinner, new routines learned or insights gained from my experience in the adult class are shared over breakfast while the kids’ achievements and challenges often get talked about over dinner. We have started learning Portuguese from Duo Lingo and find ourselves singing songs we have learned on our way to school. Friends come over and the kids pull them into a roda in the middle of the living room. As a family, there has been a marked increase in our collective joy, curiosity, and connection. We are all learning to be brave in the face of discomfort (being a beginner isn’t always easy!). We are learning how to strive and how to care for others who strive. And we feel a sense of family with the larger Sinha community. Sinha Capoeira is a gift and we are so grateful to be on this learning journey together.””

- Naomi Azar

Sinhá Capoeira has performed countless events in the greater Boston area and around US

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EDB 2023 - Sinhá Capoeira Boston & México


Sunday | Oct 22nd | 2023

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24 – 26 | Noviembre 2023

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