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Mestre Chuvisquinho playing the Berimbau

We believe that Capoeira is a platform of freedom and expression.  Therefore we always try to evolve Capoeira in its plenitude.  Also without focusing our work in radically changing our own style and having Capoeira Regional as our main reference, we are constantly trying to keep up with its daily evolution.

We train Capoeira as a social form to keep its valuable culture of Brazil and expressive image strongly present.   We focus on learning the martial art, music, acrobatics, artistic aspects just like those who practice Capoeira around the  world.

Capoeira is not just known for being a healthy activity or a form of physical exercise, but also for teaching and having a mental and spiritual benefit; being that Capoeira teaches its students the elements needed for one search his or hers own freedom, and if allowed by the students over its body and soul.

We base our work in the deep mentality of ‘Preservation’ while seeking a vision of one day being like Capoeira, without illusion, with our pleasures and obstacles that are to overcome; we search for a physical and mental evolution.

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About Our Capoeira Classes In Boston

Capoeira is an explosive high intensity workout, where you will learn to move with power and grace, have fun, and get into amazing shape fast. This unique class is designed to work the entire body; consisting of strength moves that emphasizes coordination, balance, and flexibility.   It is a high endurance workout with intervals of various intensities that will challenge you.  Capoeira is sometimes referred to as “Flashdance” workout as it will not only get you “fighting fit” but you will have a great time doing it.

Classes are based on traditional sequences and modern progression, which we practice while listening to traditional, sensational, and energetic Capoeira music (featuring berimbau, atabaque and pandeiro).  Each class begins with movement games to warm-up, where specific exercises prepare one for training.  During class there is partner and line-work, where the moves flow from one position to another and also where techniques are developed.  We finish class with traditional ‘Capoeira roda’, displaying intuitive movements, building confidence and practice playing Capoeira music.

Capoeira with Mestre Chuvisquinho is fun, truly a physical challenge and an effective fitness class experience.  This unique class combines the Brazilian art of Capoeira with fitness science to deliver an unbelievable full body workout; where the elegance of dance, the power of martial arts and the rhythms and Brazilian music is displayed. You will love it!


Capoeira In Boston Public Schools

Sinhá Capoeira School has been a prominent figure in the Boston Public Schools for the past 17 years, bringing an innovative and engaging Capoeira educational program to students. The program has been successful in promoting physical fitness, cultural awareness, and language learning through the exciting and dynamic art of Capoeira.

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. Sinhá Capoeira School has been able to leverage the unique and exciting aspects of Capoeira to provide a fun and engaging experience for students of all ages. The program has been designed to promote physical fitness and athleticism while also developing important social and emotional skills such as teamwork, self-discipline, and respect.

In addition to its physical and social benefits, the Capoeira program has also been successful in promoting cross-cultural understanding and language learning. Sinhá Capoeira School incorporates Portuguese language lessons into its curriculum, providing students with a unique opportunity to learn a new language while also experiencing Brazilian culture first-hand.

Overall, the work that Sinhá Capoeira School has been doing in the Boston Public Schools for the past 17 years has been truly remarkable. By bringing the fun, athleticism, and culture of Capoeira to students, the program has been successful in promoting physical fitness, social and emotional development, cross-cultural understanding, and language learning.

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Capoeira One on one

Experience the thrill of unlocking your full potential and achieving your personal best through Capoeira – an exciting Afro-Brazilian martial art that seamlessly integrates dance, music, and synchronized acrobatics. If you’re looking to challenge yourself and explore a new world of physical and mental fitness, book your private Capoeira class with Mestre Chuvisquinho today! Our world-class instructor is eager to guide you on your journey towards self-discovery and help you unleash your inner strength, grace, and agility. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from someone absolutely passionate about his work- sign up now and embark on a transformative adventure with Sinhá Capoeira!


Professor Graham Jones, from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), is an esteemed educator and a dear devoted parent to our school’s remarkable twins, Momo and Auguie. In this video, he graciously shares his experience as a parent with Sinhá Capoeira School. Every parent’s feedback is invaluable to us as it guides our approach, refines our teaching methods, helping us to have a deeper understanding of what each child needs and thrives on, it enables us to provide tailored support to each student.

Our journey with the talented twins, Momo and Auguie, from their early years has been a delight. During our private sessions, we concentrate on refining their capoeira fundamentals and enhancing specific techniques to elevate their performance, to make them even greater Capoeiristas! The kids work hard during their sessions!!!

It is a privilege to have such a supportive and engaged family within our school community at Sinhá Capoeira. Witnessing Momo and Auguie’s growth and development has been incredibly fulfilling.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to Graham Jones for his testimonial and kind words!

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With Mestre Chuvisquinho


Capoeira has gained popularity worldwide over the years due to its dynamic and engaging nature.

Mestre Chuvisquinho is a highly experienced Capoeira practitioner with over 40 years in the field, as well as a strong background in Mixed Martial Arts. His expertise has led him to develop a innovative Cross Training Capoeira Program, which is specifically designed to enhance the performance of athletes across a range of sports. Mestre Chuvisquinho has worked with numerous teams and individuals, including grapplers, Roque players, and MMA fighters, to help them improve their body movement and agility on the field. His unique approach and techniques have proven to be highly effective in enhancing athletic performance and achieving success in competitive sports.

The approach of Capoeira to other sports modalities involves a combination of movements and techniques from various disciplines. For example, Capoeira incorporates elements of gymnastics, martial arts, and dance, creating a unique and holistic approach to physical fitness.

Capoeira cross training program have been developed to help individuals enhance their overall fitness, agility, strength, and coordination, offering a range of benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, increased flexibility, and enhanced overall body strength. The high-intensity movements and acrobatics involved in Capoeira help to build endurance, agility, and speed. Additionally, the dance-like movements and rhythmic music provide an enjoyable and engaging workout that can help to reduce stress levels and improve mental health.

Capoeira cross training can also be beneficial for athletes in other sports. Capoeira’s focus on flexibility, balance, and coordination can help individuals improve their performance in other activities such as soccer, basketball, or tennis. Moreover, Capoeira’s emphasis on body awareness and control can help athletes avoid injuries and recover more quickly from them.

In conclusion, Capoeira cross training programs offer a unique and effective approach to fitness and physical wellbeing. Whether you are looking to improve your overall fitness, enhance your performance in other sports, or just have fun while working out, Capoeira cross training can provide a challenging and rewarding experience.

Looking to shake up your training routine or bring a new experience to your team or school? Consider the dynamic and exciting art of Capoeira!

Capoeira Cross Training can bring a new level of intensity and flow to your game. We are ready to help you get started – don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to learn more!



- Brian Decord

Stop It Goaltending,
former Boston Bruins goaltending coach,
Toronto Maple Leaves Goaltending Scout,
and Director of Goaltending for the Arizona Coyotes.

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