Free Intro Class

Dear Future Student,


Have you seen Sinha’ Capoeira in action? Have you thought of Boston Capoeira Classes? You may or may have not…


Now imagine coming to us for a workout filled with mystical Afro-Brazilian culture, the beautiful sounds of musical instruments and singing; Imagine feeling capoeira’s energy and magnetism around you. Become lured by the hypnotic music, the flow of beautiful ground movements and powerful, explosive kicks and attacks.  Envision having a powerful workout that is actually fun and effective!!! See yourself train hard with Sinha Capoeira!!


  • Do you wonder how great it would be to learn a martial art?

  • Do you think about how much you want to get in shape or stay fit?

  • Do you like a powerful workout that is both entertaining and effective?

  • Do you wish you had something in your life that you did “just for you”?

  • Do you want to learn a new culture or better preserve your Brazilian roots?


Sinha’ Capoeira will help you get in shape, lose weight and relieve stress – all while learning more about Brazilian culture and language.  The unique power of Capoeira will not only touch your soul, but will also fuel your body and spirit.

If you have ever considered taking Boston Capoeira classes, now is the time to try a free class!!


See you in class!


Sinha’ Capoeira


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