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Capoeira Performances for Schools – Afro-Brazilian Culture Showcase

Capoeira Performances for Schools is what we love to do!!

Field trip to Brazil without leaving your classroom?  No need to leave the safe, nurturing environment of your school to take a trip around the world! Sinha Capoeira brings global adventures to Brazil straight to your classroom.  What a unique experience our ensemble of performers can bring to your school!!  Capoeira is an incredible hybrid of martial arts and dance.  And all of that is done to live musical accompaniment.  Our interactive Capoeira Performances for Schools bring direct student engagement and participation.  Students volunteer to be called to participate and try out some moves in a traditional Capoeira ritual.  In addition to Capoeira, another Afro-Brazilian dance style is included called Maculele.  It is an energetic dance with a pair of long sticks.  To facilitate performances, Sinha Capoeira has a wide range of talented Capoeira artists, including Capoeira musicians, dancers and storytellers.

After delivering numerous performances and workshops throughout Massachusetts, we realized that aside from having a standard performance package every school event is different.  Class size, schedules and performance needs vary school to school.  Often times we need to accommodate a specific theme or an event that is happening in school.  Our dynamic, developmentally appropriate workshops can be designed to fit your program.

  • Target Audience: From Kindergarten through 12th grade;
  • Duration: Customized depending on needs and size of audience;
  • Pricing: Custom packages are prepared and proposals with performance descriptions are submitted for school approval.

To bring Capoeira performers, storytellers and cultural gurus to your school, library, special event or community-based site, contact Julie Desouza at or (857) 417-9394.

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