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Lindemberg Desouza, also known as Mestre Chuvisquinho, is a renowned third-generation Capoeirista from Brasil who has dedicated his life to the art and culture of Capoeira. Born on June 26th, 1979, in the town of Belo Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, Chuvisquinho comes from humble beginnings. From a young age, capoeira was always a driving force in his life. He has been training capoeira constantly from the age of 5. During those early days there was no system for teaching young children, and the learning process involved developing day-to-day relationships.

At the young age of 9, Chuvisquinho demonstrated his passion for teaching Capoeira by organizing and instructing his neighborhood friends in the backyard of his childhood home. In 1994, when he was only 15, he was honored with the responsibility to teach his first official Capoeira class with the approval of his Mestre in the Bairro Glória neighborhood of Belo Horizonte. In September 1997, after immigrating to the United States with his family, Chuvisquinho began his journey with Capoeira in the United States.

Since his arrival to the states, Mestre Chuvisquinho has been teaching Capoeira in various parts of Massachusetts, primarily in the Boston area. In 2006, Chuvisquinho embarked on a new journey after leaving his former Capoeira School. He took the major life decision to continue his capoeira journey on his own. On March 23rd, 2007 he launched SINHÁ CAPOEIRA, a Boston-based international Capoeira school, alongside his students. SINHÁ has since become a renowned center of Capoeira excellence. In December 2014, 10 years after being awarded the Contramestre rank in Capoeira by his Mestre, Mestre Chuvisquinho’s exceptional skills and unwavering dedication to Capoeira were recognized, and he was awarded the title of Mestre de Capoeira. During this ceremony he was presented with his Red Cord, an honor that was graced by the presence of many esteemed individuals in the Capoeira community.

Mestre Chuvisquinho’s contributions to the world of Capoeira are a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence and his devotion to the the art. Over the years he has played a key role in strengthening local communities by participating in and collaborating with public schools, colleges, youth and adult programs. During these workshops, participants not only to learn about the historical and cultural roots of capoeira, but also creating new bonds and experiences within their community. Through this magnificent gift and art, Mestre Chuvisquinho has had the opportunity to reach many pockets of his community and beyond. Some examples include: teaching Capoeira to celebrities such as Gisele Bündchen, Tom Brady, and their children; being the first organization to showcase Capoeira at the Museum of Fine Arts; performing for former Governor of Massachussetts Charles Baker; sharing capoeira at the New York and Boston Brazilian Embassies; being featured on the PBS documentary and Brazilian National TV on different occasions.
Mestre Chuvisquinho’s expertise in the world of capoeira has given him access to various academic institutions, with the honorary distinction of guest lecturer. Through these opportunities, Mestre Chuvisquinho has had the opportunity to deepen anthropological and pedagogical studies of the participating student body through musical and physical practice, as well as storytelling via capoeira history, culture, and music. Some of these institutions include:
Harvard university
Northeastern University
Boston College
Boston University
Wellesley College
Brandeis University
Emerson College
UMASS Boston

With over 40 years of experience in his career, Mestre Chuvisquinho has become an influential figure in the Capoeira community, both nationally and internationally, inspiring and teaching others while promoting the rich cultural heritage of Capoeira. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States, South America, Europe and other parts of the world teaching seminars, performing in shows, and coordinating performances. He is widely respected in the Capoeira community for his knowledge, skill, and dedication to the art. Mestre Chuvisquinho is also known for his poetry and musicality, and he has released three Capoeira albums.
Today Mestre Chuvisquinho firmly believes in the evolution of Capoeira, while still respecting the conservative views and rituals passed down in Capoeira heritage. He believes that Capoeira should constantly evolve to reflect the times and the needs of the people practicing it, without losing sight of its rich and deep cultural roots.
Mestre Chuvisquinho is in the process of publishing his first book of his own Capoeira poetry. He believes that poetry is an essential part of the Capoeira tradition and that conveys important messages and insights of the art form. This book is expected to be a unique contribution to the Capoeira literature and will showcase his creativity and passion for the art form.

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