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Thank you for your interest in Sinha Kids Capoeira Classes.

Last year our Kids Programs in public schools and after school enrichment blocks were a huge success.  Now we are offering Kids’ Programs in Brookline, Cambridge and Dorchester!!  Please join our email list to receive special offers and newsletters about Kids Capoeira Classes, Toddler Capoeira and Capoeira for Youth and Teenagers!!

Our kids’ programs provide a unique experience for kids ages 5 and up and little ones below the age of 4, to explore and appreciate the art of Capoeira.  To make connections with the new world of Brazilian culture and soul!

This is what is offered to your little Capoeirista:

          • Kids Warmup Drills
            • Capoeira Games
              • Technique Training
                • Singing 
                  • Music/Rhythms/Instruments
                    • Roda de Capoeira
                      • Brazilian Portuguese
The programs provide the unique opportunity for participants to engage in age-appropriate physical exercise, hands-on activities, singing and having lots of fun!  We want you and your children to experience the magic of Capoeira!


1. Our 5 and up program is a drop-off program.  However some of our participants, especially kids under the age 5 may require parent participation.   We have experienced many situations where children under the age of 5 need little extra time learning new routines and participating in class, so please take this into account as you register for the program.  If you have any questions, please contact


2.  Please have your child wear long work-out pants and a comfortable t-shirt during class. Capoeira is played without shoes or socks in class.  Children are required to purchase an official uniform after they complete their first full session.
3. Sibilings are offered a 15% discount.  Please view our Prices and Packages
4. Visitors are welcome to watch!


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