Lectures Sinhá Capoeira

We, as an educational institution, offer a unique and informative Capoeira lecture experience taught by Mestre Chuvisquinho, a highly experienced Capoeirista with over 40 years of expertise in the field. The lecture delves deep into Capoeira’s history and cultural significance, and is delivered with live music to provide an immersive experience.

Mestre Chuvisquinho has been invited to several departments of top-tier universities in the greater Boston area, including the history, music, and anthropology departments. His lecture has been highly acclaimed by both students and faculty.

During the lecture, attendees will be treated to a demonstration of the movements and techniques involved in Capoeira, along with personal insights and experiences shared by Mestre Chuvisquinho.

We believe that our Capoeira lecture will add immense value to your educational or cultural event.

Sinhá Capoeira has performed countless events in the greater Boston area and around US

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