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    Recurring Payment Authorization Form

    To: Sinha Capoeira, Inc., hereinafter “Sinha”

    I hereby give authority to Sinha to draw monthly drafts against my account for payment of my monthly membership.

    I understand that this authorization will remain in effect and my payments will be recurring each month drawn on the until this authorization is terminated by me at any time by emailing a notice to

    Further I agree that upon a stop/pause membership notice, Sinha will stop my recurring payments within thirty (30) business days. This will be a permanent stop on this preauthorized payment. I may however, establish a new recurring payment authorization in the future.

    I understand that should a debit to my checking account be rejected because of insufficient funds, a fee will be assessed in the amount of $20.00.

    I understand that my cancelling of monthly payments also cancels my membership overall in Sinha and I cannot attend classes unless authorized by Sinha.

    I further understand there will be no refunds or credits for unattended classes. It is my responsibility to attend classes.

    Sinha will not share any of the financial information it receives and will keep the information confidential. Moreover the funds are drafted for monthly fees only. All other Sinha activities are paid separately.

    Please complete the information below:

    I authorize Sinha Capoeira, Inc., to debit the bank account indicated below on the of each month for payment of my monthly membership in the amount of

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