Free Intro Class

White Cord

A Capoeirista with a white cord is a blank slate.  He is a newborn baby in a big scary world.  His only responsibilities are to pay attention, to be open minded and dedicated to trying new things, and to of course be respectful.  He works basic kicks, esquivas, and developing his base in the game.

White and Yellow Cord

The white and yellow cord has just begun to understand the concept of the game and so the game begins to reflect his personality.  He should be able to execute and respond to basic movements in the roda and to follow and respond to basic songs and rhythms.

Yellow Cord

The yellow cord is beginning to develop a personality in the roda.  He begins to piece together sequences and to attempt to have a conversation as he plays.  He should be learning how to respond appropriately to different types of games.  He should be at least beginning to learn how to play instruments and should be learning the significance of music within Capoeira.

Yellow/Orange Cord

At this point the Capoeirista should start to understand his inherent strengths and weaknesses within his game.  He is developed enough to take responsibility for his actions when playing with both higher and lower cords.  He should know his basic movements, and should be working to make connections between his training, and the conversations that he has in the roda.  By now, he should also have a basic understanding of the music, culture and history of Capoeira and he should be able to contribute as part of the Bateria when necessary.

Orange Cord

A Capoeirstas time during the transition from Orange to Orange/Blue is, in my opinion, more significant than the transitions before it.  The orange cord should be developing in all aspects of Capoeira and should be preparing to act as a “role model” for younger students.  They should understand our hierarchy system and the etiquette of the game, and should help the lower cords to understand it as well.  At this level, the Capoeirista should be experienced enough to not shy away from a hard game.

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