Free Intro Class

We believe that Capoeira is a platform of freedom and expression.  Therefore we always try to evolve Capoeira in its plenitude.  Also without focusing our work in radically changing our own style and having Capoeira Regional as our main reference, we are constantly trying to keep up with its daily evolution.

We train Capoeira as a social form to keep its valuable culture of Brazil and expressive image strongly present.   We focus on learning the martial art, music, acrobatics, artistic aspects just like those who practice Capoeira around the  world.

Capoeira is not just known for being a healthy activity or a form of physical exercise, but also for teaching and having a mental and spiritual benefit; being that Capoeira teaches its students the elements needed for one search his or hers own freedom, and if allowed by the students over its body and soul.  We base our work in the deep mentality of ‘Preservation’ while seeking a vision of one day being like Capoeira, without illusion, with our pleasures and obstacles that are to overcome; we search for a physical and mental evolution.

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