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Capoeira is a unique Afro-Brazilian martial art developed initially by African slaves in Brazil, starting in the colonial period. It is marked by deft, tricky movements often played on the ground or completely inverted. Renowned for its fluidity, grace, and power, Capoeira combines elements of martial-arts, dance, music and acrobatics.  It develops strength, coordination, self-confidence, musical skills, flexibility, endurance, confidence and self-awareness.

 There are two main styles of Capoeira that are clearly distinct. Angola is characterized by slower, lower play with particular attention to the rituals and tradition of Capoeira. The other style, Regional is known for its fluid acrobatic play, where technique and strategy are the key points. Regional was created by Mestre Bimba. Both styles are marked by the use of feints, use groundwork extensively, as well as sweeps, kicks, and headbutts.  Sinha Capoeira is a practices Regional style of Capoeira, focusing on newer and more martially-oriented game.

Regional is more mainstream and accessible to the public. While ‘capoeiristas’ (Capoeira players) can sometimes play Angola-like, slow games, the Regional style is most often composed of fast and athletic play.  It is combat-oriented while maintaining the trickiness of Capoeira Angola.

The Capoeira game is challenging both physically and mentally.  It requires trickery, strategy and playful mischief at times.   It is a brilliant fusion of fight and dance!!!  Capoeira is one of the fastest growing cultural art forms in the world.

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