Free Intro Class


  • New students are allowed to have 1 FREE WEEK OF CAPOEIRA in Brookline.  New students are allowed to purchase individual classes for an introductory period of 30 days.  Students are then required to purchase a membership.  Please visit CLASS RATES & PACKAGES

  • Please wear comfortable workout gear.  Shorts are not allowed.

  • We believe Capoeira is an art form involving energy and contact of our body with the ground where you train is a MUST.  Shoes are not allowed.

  • After the introductory classes all students are required to purchase the official Sinha’ Capoeira uniform (white pants/t-shirt) and dress in uniform to train at all times, unless announced otherwise.  Like other martial arts, Capoeira uniform reinforces class focus, discipline and tradition.  

  • Students may be allowed to wear colored Capoeira pants/t-shirt while participating in demonstrations/shows outdoors, rodas de rua if announced by the instructor.

  • The use of cord is not allowed with colored pants.

  • Uniform must be clean at all times.  Purchase an extra Abada’ if necessary.

  • Capoeira pants are low rise style pants, please be respectful and keep in mind to wear proper underwear style.

  • Students are allowed to choose to train at a level they feel comfortable with.  Each student has the freedom to reach their training goals at his/her own pace.

  • Students are not expected to train through injuries.  Please inform instructor if pain/discomfort continues during training.

  • In the event a student is coming late to class, it is advised to inform the instructor in advance.

  • All classes start within 10 minutes of their scheduled time and all classes may exceed the scheduled end time.

  • Get changed for class promptly then wait for the teacher to grant your permission to enter the class. In the event the student is late, please warm up on your own before entering the class to avoid injuries.

  • All students must treat the academy and others with respect and consideration.  

  • Positive comments are encouraged, but negative behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Communication and Respect are essential for creating a good class atmosphere!

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