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Capoeira today is still something relatively unknown in general public.   Considering that this art form was brought to United States only in the 80’s, it is a rather new sport and a very special interest in American culture.  Those who have heard about Capoeira, know very little about it and find Capoeira very mystical.   Fortunately the spread of Capoeira as a physical and cultural form is growing year by year.  Those who become interested (or “Capoeira-curious” as I call them), embark on a magical journey in search of what Capoeira is all about.

It is so easy to find out what Capoeira is nowadays.  A simple google search will show you images and videos of Capoeiristas all over the world.  Then why so many people still put off giving it a try?

Many hesitate joining a class because they feel they are not acrobatic enough or do not have enough gymnastic abilities.  In reality beginners are not expected to be able to do any cartwheels or handstands.  And if a cartwheel is not something that is on your list of abilities to gain, there are plenty of other fitness goals you can set.  After a few months of training, regardless of your fitness level or age you might be surprised what you can do.

What’s it all about??

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art form that combines many elements like self-defence, acrobatics, dance, music and singing. It is also filled with ritual and cultural heritage of Brazil.  Keep in mind that Capoeira is not just a workout! You maybe looking for a great exercise (and you will get that!), however more than just a phenomenal physical workout, Capoeira is about learning history, culture and music.

What’s ginga??

Ginga means ‘sway’ in Portuguese, it is the most basic capoeira move.  It is the most basic, yet most important movement.  Anyone can learn this!  With this simple technique capoeiristas can build an entire Capoeira game!  And everyone has their own individual style of ginga.

What do you need to start Capoeira??

Practically nothing!  You do not need any special gear. Capoeira is practised barefoot.  And the most you will need for your first class is a bottle of water.  

When will I become good in Capoeira??

It really depends on your goals.  If becoming a Master is what you can consider “good”, then expect a lifetime dedication to this sport.  Most people take six months to a year to become comfortable playing Capoeira.  And it could take you few years to move into intermediate level of Capoeira.   Most instructors out there are practitioners of about 10 years. 


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