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SINHA’ CAPOEIRA is proud to host our 7th year anniversary celebration with it’s very first capoeira tournament, the COPA ABERTA SINHA’ CAPOEIRA, in Boston. We welcome capoeiristas of all levels and groups to come join us in a day of healthy competition. The judges, from different groups and different styles, will be looking not just for athletic ability, but also technique, trickiness, creativity, and character in and outside the roda.  This event is not just about competing, it is about highlighting the student and his hard work as well as exposing each other to other styles of capoeira visitors will bring.   The tournament allows a student to really put his skills to the test, unlike a batizado which takes into account your growth over the year. This is your opportunity to see what you are made of! Regardless of the outcome, it is a time for fun and learning.

This event is for CHILDREN AND ADULTS!

If you plan on attending, please RSVP. Send a message to with your name, cord level, and group, subject: COPA ABERTA RSVP.

The deadline to register is MARCH 28 at 11:59pm. If you do not register, you will not be entered in the draw!

Adult competitor: $35
Youth Competitor: $25 (*sibling discount available)
Audience: Free


59 Shepard Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Competition Categories

• Beginners – Crua & Crua-Amarela Belts

• Intermediate – Amarela & Amarela -Laranja Belts

• Advanced – Laranja  & Laranja -Azul Belts

• Instructors – Azul and Up Belts

Elimination Rounds

• All competitors will play one game of Banguela/Sao Bento Grande regional per round

• Each game will be 1 minute in length

• In the event of a tie, contestants will play for an additional 45 seconds

• The winner of each round will proceed to the next level of the competition. The

losing competitor will be eliminated.


Copa Aberta Tournament and Berimbau Workshop

For Additional Information Please visit our Facebook Event Pages:

COPA ABERTA Facebook Event

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