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Capoeira Boston welcomes you!  We are a Boston based international capoeira school lead by Mestre Chuvisquinho. Other than Boston, Sinha Capoeira also has branches in Brazil and Mexico.  Sinha Capoeira Boston teaching Capoeira in Boston Massachusetts.  Feel free to stop by at any of our capoeira classes locations in Boston, Cambridge and Brookline.  It is the best way to taste Sinha Capoeira spirit!

Sinha Capoeira is a Boston Based Capoeira Training Center  offering Capoeira classes in Boston, Brookline and Cambridge, Massachusetts.  The Capoeira Academy is open to children, teens and adults interested in learning and practicing the Brazilian Martial Art of Capoeira.  Boston’s Brazilian Fitness. Welcome to Capoeira in Boston! We are a full time Capoeira school with multiple locations in Boston area.  If you have any questions regarding Capoeira Classes in Boston please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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