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Capoeira is a fantastic opportunity for children to be exposed to Brazilian culture and learn this unique blend of martial art, dance and music. Children enjoy the energy and fun of our structured workout. Their joy of learning to play Capoeira is boundless.

It is wonderful to see how each child finds his/her own aspect of the class to shine in and perfect, whether it is singing, playing instruments or mastering handstands.

Our lessons are 1 hour long and flexible to fit any age group.  Parents are more then welcome to come and watch the class.

We just wanted to share with Somerville parents about a new Capoeira for Kids program that we are launching now in Somerville after great results and success in Brookline.

Our youngest students are 3.5 yr olds and the oldest are 12. Our classes are structured yet based on children learning this fusion of dance and martial arts through play. Each class has something exciting to offer to our little Capoeirista, whether it is a new Capoeira song to sing or a drumming solo to master.

Contra-Mestre Chuvisquinho has been teaching children in public schools and after school programs in Massachusetts since 2006. Kids love to be around him and enjoy learning this amazing art form with him.

We will have an open house on the 21st of January at 6pm. Please come to see how Capoeira can touch your child’s heart!

If you visit our Facebook page, you will see many pictures!! You can also call to find out more information 857-417-9394.


Capoeira for Kids

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