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To all my students

To all my students,

A Chinese proverb says that there are three things that will never come back: the arrow, the spoken word and the lost opportunity. But I believe this can also be added to this wise proverb “THE MOMENTS LIVED”. Over the course of my 10 years of staying in a country of different culture than mine, a place completely opposite of where I come and grew up, people, customs, experiences, throughout these 10 years I “dreamed”, I dreamed a lot… Always bringing in my luggage the love for capoeira, for her I lost, for her I failed to gain, but something certain: “I lived the moments”. Moments I’ll never forget, moments like 10 batizado of Group Sinha Capoeira.

Here I just want to thank each of you, my students, who somehow contributed to the accomplishment of another event in our family. Event that we close with golden key. Thank those who left their personal problems to devote a little of their time and attention to our work… thank those who missed work, school, to participate the workshops, thus contributing to the enrichment of our event. 10 years ago I started this journey alone, today God blessed me and put in my path right people who believe what I do and my philosophy. Yesterday it was very difficult, but today is a little easier. The man who knows how to wait and fight, time opens the doors.

Thank those who now trains every day and those who also trained in the past but today are not present in the training academy but that certainly have their place in my heart, for they too were part of history. They allowed me to share with them what little I know and also helped me grow as a teacher, as a person… seeds that were now slowly I’m harvesting the fruits, “All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today”… I know I have a difficult temper, I am annoying, I do things my way, sometimes I go against an entire system… I am rigid, meticulous, shouting, screaming, but this is my way of trying to make each one of you not only athletes but true “Capoeiristas”. And life taught me that if there is a strong general, no weak soldiers will exist. Therefore, I am like this so that each one of you grows, exceed, so that each one of you understands that we all have limits but most of the time we do not know where it is.

Thanks to all those who welcomed our guests in their homes, opening the door of their home to someone who has brought positive energy to our party, those who lost nights of sleep with a restless desire to see it happens the way it should be, those who invested time and money… At long last, to all of you, Sinha Capoeira family. I thank you all very much. axe’ and remember “the key to the victory is in the hands of those who believe it”. You are realization of my work. Today the greatest recognition comes not from the capoeira community… comes from within me, my heart!!!

“If you want one year of prosperity raise wheat. If you want ten years of prosperity raise trees, but if you want one hundred years of prosperity raise people.”

Axe’ Odara!!!

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